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The queen arrived at the battlefront in her armor, I was proud to be ready to fight and die by the queen. She spoke to us all and told us what we would be rewarded with for our forwardness and courage in the fight ahead. She told us that we would get rewards like that of a prince or a crown. She says she is like an English King in heart and stomach. She said this to and didn’t waver in her words when she spoke to us to show her conviction and willingness to die with us on the battlefield. With her speech I know we will win the battle tomorrow and beat back the Spanish.

Red-Cross knight code of conduct

  1. Don’t listen to warnings just charge into any situation. Nothing can go wrong with that mentality.
  2. Ignore feelings of love and passion received in a dream. It was only a dream anyway nothing to act on there.
  3. Listen to talking trees but don’t pay attention to your companion acting strange at the mention of certain ugly witch.
  4. When your dwarf companion finds tons of prisoners with the same traits as you and says you need to leave listen to him.
  5. If the woman who lead you to a castle with tons of prisoners shows up out of nowhere greet her like nothing happened.
  6. If you are near death and King arthur shows up listen what he says and take his help it’s not everyday a legend comes to your rescue.
  7. When given the chance to redeem yourself over your sins take the opportunity despair won’t be able to stop you anytime soon.
  8. When facing a deadly dragon hope it doesn’t kill you but only knocks you into plot devices to move the plot forward and keep you alive.
  9. When someone comes in claiming to say you are supposed to marry someone else questions him he could be a wizard.
  10. Even though you are allowed to marry the girl you’ve been protecting you can’t forget your duties and must finish them before you follow a promise.

My dearest Una,

Please forgive me for leaving so soon after promising to wed you. I had to return to my duties to the Faerie Queene. I know you will still be waiting for me in 6 years when I will return. Know that you will be kept in my heart from this day forth while I serve the Faerie Queene.

Image of Error

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Mephistopheles is an odd character because he is very open about the fact that he wants to damn Faustus. The act of damming a person is not odd for a demon to want to do though that is one of the main things expected of them. He also warns Faustus about making a deal with Lucifer, it seems like he is trying to have Faustus be smarter than he was in making the deal with the Devil.

external image jfBBCKk82wqw0IiJ0u2euDsYNIXYWMbG8T7baQoC_Ljo0CncLOzstVVMzxgzQ6nxDlifUrvoJVUR7I-cTH5kA5Qu4OhYQ78fERY1ssWSg3hj089Ywt0oc41PBw750xeZtf29Rst8

This is an image of Mephistopheles that is from a modern web comic. It gives him some human like feature that one would expect from a demon trying to make contracts in the real world. Since when Mephistopheles first appears he is told to turn into a Franciscan friar the hair is something that I can’t be too sure of but what appears to be wings of fire would be very befitting of a demon.

external image GsaXr_fLMnsyU5XpY2rgXFmA972HurZtyD-fWks9LGS_OHpxgTTHvCOT7rc-deQ3AvOvTaYWgJCasnvWpOAzohDNdKFvtVGaLAtaGrdvh7vZYI9r9fuLjzfYhnZSvbPE3I-8VFCU

This image is a character from a popular anime. It shows him looking somewhat mischievous and planning something as well as. This is similar to how Mephistopheles was planning to show Faustus what to expect from hell if he didn’t listen to his advice about the deal. Its different in that he has some human features but he looks like what some people depict as the devil with the facial hair and hair color.

external image NTki1_GTMkcb3BbEf3qvQOTYY5NpDTp1pVmevys7tSp6aHDhFps2w9yAAeJu8_xt6Vx744YmPcT5HQFK1fUKEDPIjd1_ML4NvPl5N_3ALKF-3kZMieQFjh1070QfDEJVboi-ZlkR

This is a sculpture of what some think Mephistopheles looks like. Like most other interpretations he has horns but very few give him that goti so that must be something that was very common around the time of its creation. He looks like anyone would expect a demon to look. This is probably the closest to the image that the author had in his head when creating Mephistopheles.