"Clear your mind of what was, and what will be. See only the task that is." -Terry Goodkind

-Medieval Badges-

Unit 4: The Pentangle Badge

1.) Discuss the shield and pentangle:

The pentangle is generally painted on the outer portion of a Knight's shield, and both reminds the Knight of who they are and what they must be and shows others who they are and what they stand for. The general representations of the points are/can be the five senses, the five wounds of Jesus Christ, the five fingers on a hand, the five joys of Mother Mary, and the five ways in which a Knight should be kept in faith.
Simply the five points can mean compassion, courtesy, love, purity, and generosity. Which points they are I believe do not matter. These points can also fluctuate. Also notice the main points all add up to five as well.

2.) Create an image (in any media) of the shield, defining each point of the pentangle based upon its meaning in the text:

The image I drew is below. There was no historical influence, I just really enjoyed the way the sharp spaced points were in contrast to the curvature of the shield. I did however attempt in pairing the particular fighting style shields with the Anglo types in the following part. Starting from the top and going clockwise, (not for any particular reason), would be five senses, five wounds, five fingers, five joys, and five ways of faith. As mentioned above.
Photo Nov 08, 5 48 57 PM.jpg

3) Create two more pentangles, choosing an Anglo-Saxon warrior and an Anglo-Norman knight from one of our texts and defining each point of their pentangles bases upon the characteristics most important in their texts:

Photo Nov 08, 7 06 11 PM.jpg
I drew this circular shield with the pentangle for Beowulf, the Anglo-Norman Knight. I believe if he had a pentangle shield, his five main characteristic points would be Bravery for... well, fighting everything threatening in his path, Strategy for waiting sometimes for the greater good ie. when one of his own men dies and he doesn't flinch, honor-ability in Loyalty to Hrothgar with debts and in ridding them of Grendel, Strength for the physical and emotional ability to handle slaying many monsters and holding his own name to account, and lastly Responsibility at least up until he ruins being a king since he was more a fighter than one to worry about land and heirs.

Photo Nov 08, 7 05 57 PM.jpg
I drew this kite shaped shield with the pentangle for Sir Gawain, the Anglo-Saxon Knight. Gawain's beliefs in the pentangle are generally exactly what I described in the above paragraph about the essential meaning of a pentangle. I'd say his particular five points would be Honesty for the most part up until his desire to live, Humility due to his decision to wear the green sash in his own sinfulness, Loyalty to his court and king when no one else arose to save them, Bravery for not only initially standing up for his court but then also going back a year and a day later to his almost fate, and his Devotion and faith to Mother Mary.

Unit 4: The Green Knight

1.) On your personal wiki page, discuss the character of the Green Knight;

I personally really enjoyed the Green Knight, he was a mysterious character and it sort of gave a neat life to the tale. I spent the entire text waiting to get to the end simply to see his character appear again! I loved the descriptions both the text and the video gave of him, and he has been one of my favorite characters so far in all of the stories. I didn't really like that he was sent by Morgan, I wanted him to be more of an independent man who didn't need no sorceress. The way his dialogue sort of attacked Gawain and the others of the court made him such a strong character. He could walk the walk and talk the talk as well.

2) Select three images of objects that represent the Green Knight to you and caption them with explanations;


1. The first image that came to mind when thinking of representing the Green Knight was this Glass War Axe from Skyrim, my favorite game of all time (when I have the time). The entire time I was reading I was just imagining this axe specifically, especially with how otherworldly it looked. I can envision any of the glass weaponry to be used within the greenness of the story's magic.

2. I guess the best way for me to envision the Green Knight when he was beheaded is to imagine those beheaded queens costumes (especially since I just saw a few around Halloween). I was also thinking about the Headless Horseman since I just re-watched the 1999 Sleepy Hollow movie with J. Depp however I didn't envision... pumpkin. So I decided to just go with an actual talking head costume.

3. Lastly, I didn't really know what else to associate with the Green Knight, so I just looked up on Pinterest "The Green Knight" and I really liked this stained glass piece of him. One thing in the video I liked was the art style, and I found the whole glassy/transparent green idea to be really magical and in ties with the knight's lore. There are some parts of this I don't care for but for the most part it looks really neat and better than some of the "fan art" if you will.

3) Screen capture three images of the Green Knight from the animated film on YouTube and caption them with quotations from the text.

Lines 2429-2433
-"But for your belt," said Gawain, "God repay you for that!
I accept it gratefully, not for its wonderful gold,
Nor for the girdle itself nor its silk, nor its long pendants,
Nor its value nor the honor it confers, nor its fine workmanship,
But I shall look at it often as a sign of my failing. -

Lines 308-312
Drew himself up grandly and started top speak.
"What, is this Arthur's house?" said the man then,
"That everyone talks of in so many kingdoms?
Where are now your arrogance and your victories,
your fierceness and wrath and your great speeches?

Lines 423-426
Brought it down swiftly on the bare flesh
So that the bright blade slashed through the man's spine
And cut through the white flesh, severing it in two,
So that the shining steel blade bit into the floor.
(I love these lines a lot)

Unit 5: The Pilgrims

1.) On your personal wiki page, discuss the way Chaucer described his pilgrims (positive? negative? what does he like/admire? not like/admire?);

Honestly, it seems like he pin points all the awful ways Religion is/was used. I view his characters more like examples of certain deeds rather than actual people or characters. And I believe its just the time, but some of the interactions are down right strange. The "Best" people seem to be the ones who are quiet, and not much else. The homely folk, the simple people. I can't really tell Chaucer's specific view or why he wrote out the characters the way he did.

2) Rank ALL of the pilgrims from the General Prologue in your morality scale on Padlet;

In my Padlet post :)

3) Decide on a location for your personal pilgrimage and discuss why.

My personal pilgrimage would have to be to Ireland, since my grandfather moved here with my grandmother (who was born/lived in Sweden) from Ireland when they were still young, and apparently we own land in Arklow/Wicklow. I remember listening to them speak in both Swedish and Irish slangs growing up and I myself feel very connected to those areas and their history. My tattoo on my wrist is of a Celtic Triskele. My grandfather used to teach me about the history of Ireland and about the holy Trinity and all that which is an adoption of the Triskele. Anyway, I've always seen it as a sort of religious symbol to myself and it much is like a more permanent dedication of I suppose Sir Gawain's Mother Mary painting. It reminds him to keep his head straight, and to remember where his faith lies. My pilgrimage would be to go to the land my family has had in their name for over centuries, and be able to plant my connection with my religious reminding with that distant part of me.

-Early Modern Badges-

Unit 9: The Poet Badge

Dust and ash carried through the wind
lighting dimmed and spirits hung low
I knew not yet of how you'd sinned
I hadn't heard, not from any bird of song or ebony crow
the way you asked, my hand you'd wished to borrow,
tossing aside your half-smoked cigarette
just as we'd reached the quiet meadow
the words I meant to speak kindly came out more like a threat
and our breath danced in the air with our voices in a duet
breaking, falling, and reaching above
like a melody captured in one of your cassettes
I so strangely fell for you deeper, a brighter love
and I gave no alarm
to the sudden embrace of your arms

Failure considered a stepping stone,
as natural as the rising of the moon
and how can I ask you to atone
with your hands so deeply maroon
a glassy lake reflected in your eyes
menacing and inviting, murky and dark
a deceiving and brilliant guise
where no one could see your lies white and stark
my heart resists your condescending tones
beating bright and harsh as a blood red
my soul shines combatant and blue as moonstone
your intentions as cruel words hurt even when unsaid
they say you're sweet, kind, and purely divine
so I stay silent and live within this world of scarlet wine

For you, I mean not to impose
for my wasteful impression and unworthy heart
and oh god my sweetheart,
on my vanity still sits the first rose
like the sun you arose
and like the night I watched you depart
from how far we've come apart
you've left me alone with my shadows
the night has become my limelight
our joyrides became fights on the roadside
the way we became seemed alright
invite me into your suicide
reside in your spotlight
your bouquet of dead flowers, I've since defied

Unit 7: The Redcrosse Badge

1. Bravery
2. Protection for King & Country
3. Respect Women
4. Keep the Church and God in your heart
5. Do no wrong
6. Be an image of Honor
7. Follow orders
8. Stay away from sinful behavior
9. Keep a strong will
10. Valiance

Dear Una,
I must leave you, do not follow or beg for my return. I will follow the wind, away from you and your sinful ways.
Your actions have consequences, and I will not be wrapped up when your sins unravel further. I do not wish harm upon you,
and I pray your travels be safe and you perhaps will understand your wrongdoings. My departure is not aligned with my heart,
for my heart is foolish and dreams of you as you were. Goodbye, my vixen.
Your Redcrosse

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