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Tyndale Badge

Dear Henry VIII,

An English translated Bible would be great for the people. People need to be able to understand the bible and understand their religion on their own to be better citizens and better human beings. I have traveled far and wide translating this bible from Latin to English and while it has upset the clergy everywhere I have gone, citizens throughout Europe have been happy to be able to read the verses for themselves. Maybe this way, people will understand their religion for what it is worth and not divorce their wives and try to remarry. My translation uses clear, easy to read, simple English so it can be easily understood by all. They will understand more fully that being a good religious person will lead them to righteousness and get them through the gates of heaven. Everyone will learn to not only love thy neighbor but to love thy enemy and create peace across the land.



Green Knight Badge

The Green Knight is a noble man. He is supernatural, green, and a handsome fellow. He is married to Lady Bertilak.

The pentangle stands for many things but overall it just means perfection and its what all knights should exemplify. The Green Knight, while being green and supernatural, is still a knight and a noble one at that. I would say he is a good example of what the pentangle represents.

This is an ax and chopping block because the Green Knight first came into the castle with the full intention of starting a beheading game.

I don't actually know what a girdle is but this is what came up on google images when I typed in "green girdle" so I'm just going with it. Although I can't really picture I knight wearing this sort of thing. The green girdle actually belonged to the Green Knight and not the Lady Bertilak. Even though it ended up in the possession of Sir Gawain, he only got it because the Green Knight gave it to his wife to give to him if he was a noble man.

"Where are now your arrogance and your victories,
You fierceness and wrath and your great speeches?"

"Good morning, Sir Gawain...
Unless we agree on a truce,
I shall imprison you in your bed, be certain of that!"

The man dressed in green quickly got ready,
Raised his terrible axe to give Gawain the blow.

The Werewolf Badge

Bisclavret was a great guy and a good husband with one horrible flaw. He's a werewolf. He seemed to have his condition under control but his wife didn't care. He truly did love his wife which is why he attacked the knight who married her in his absence.

How to be Grendel’s Mother


Grendel’s mother is much like Grendel himself. She is described as a monstrous and grotesque beast but the specific details of her appearance are not explained. She lives in a swamp deep in the water outside of human society. Both Grendel’s mother and Grendel were exiled because they are inherently related to Cain. Cain is the epitome of malice because he killed his brother Abel.


Here Grendel’s mother is depicted as a sea creature. This makes sense because she lives in a mighty swamp. She is seen holding baby Grendel lovingly. It is clear how much Grendel’s mother loves him because he she tries to get revenge after his death.


This picture is a humanesque depiction of Grendel’s mother. It is not what I pictured a swamp lady to look like. It is a good representation of the emotional human side of her. She loves her son even though he is evil and wants to avenge him for his death.


This picture of Grendel’s mother looks like an alien from another planet. She is scary like a monster should be but I can’t think of a good reason why she would be depicted in this fashion. She looks like a land creature even though she should be living in a swamp. The tale also makes me wonder how she gets around because she is supposed to walk on land to avenge Grendel’s death.