Green Knight Badge:

external image blossom.jpg
I chose the picture of an orange blossom due to the fact that white is a color often associated with purity which happens to be one of the five knightly virtues. I think what an orange blossom symbolizes goes well with the Green Knight's character because he tested Sir Gawain to see if he would keep that knightly virtue even though he sent his wife to sleep with him.
external image _780x487-ibgmpkxk4d.jpg
I chose this picture of the forest mostly because of the greenery. The color green is commonly associated with nature, rebirth, and fertility but green has also been associated with negative things like witchcraft and demons. The many connotations in which green is used for I believe fits well with the Green Knight because at first he seems like an ominous character but by the end of the story he turns out to be merciful and quite generous(as Sir Bertilak).

external image Dullahan%2B1.jpg

I feel like this picture is pretty self explanatory and I immediately thought of it the moment the Green Knight got his head cut off. The resemblance between the Headless Horseman and Green Knight is uncanny.

Screenshot (4).png
"What, is this Arthur's house? Said the man then, "That everyone talks of in so many kingdoms? Where are now your arrogance and your victories, your fierceness and wrath and your great speeches?"

Screenshot (5).png
"What I have honorably won inside this castle, with as much good will truly be yours" He takes the other's strong neck in his arms, and kisses him as pleasantly as he could devise."

Screenshot (6).png
"Therefore, good Sir Gawain, let the man be, and for God's sake get away from here by some other road!"

Beowulf Badge:

Beowulf is often depicted as the ideal hero to an epic tale. In his youth, he is extremely confident in himself and boasts about past accomplishments which gives the Danes, who have suffered from Grendel's terror for years, a sense of hope. Beowulf does indeed prove that he is a great warrior by killing Grendel as well as Grendel's mother. When he is old, Beowulf is shown to be quite wise and rules the kingdom well for fifty years. However, the one thing Beowulf did that wasn’t smart was to leaving his kingdom no heir to rule after him and give the people safety. In his final battle, Beowulf was able to save his people from the dragon that terrorized them but he dies in the process. Beowulf’s people are worried that their enemies will try to attack them now that they have no king.

external image 462800.jpg?fit=740%2C415 external image 353363-145113-beowulf.jpg external image 4f354f0ba929d6c300cf7b03a247e0d6--grendels-mother-realm.jpg
All three pictures depict Beowulf as a strong and healthy man which are ideal traits for a warrior. Most of the online images that appear when you look for a picture of Beowulf present his as a man with short/medium blonde hair with blue eyes like the first two pictures. However, in the third picture it looks as if Beowulf’s hair is grey in color and it's hard to tell whether or not his eyes are blue. The first two pictures also show Beowulf wearing some sort of armor while in the third, he his just wearing pants and no shirt to show his battle wounds. The second and third pictures also happen to be drawings of Beowulf but the first picture is an actual person dressed as him. I also find it interesting that the second and third pictures depict Beowulf in a menacing way but in the first picture, Beowulf looks actually handsome and has more of a angst feel to him.

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Mephistopheles Badge

Mephistopheles, is a demon that was summoned by Faustus while he was practicing black magic. He shows no remorse from being casted out of heaven alongside Lucifer, the prince of all demons, and is cursed to spend eternal damnation in hell. His motifs are a little unclear; on one hand he tries to take Faustus’ soul and bring it back to hell while on the other, he tries to talk Faustus out of the deal he wants to make with Lucifer. All and all Mephistopheles is but a servant and complies to the commands of Lucifer as well as Faustus during the 24 year arrangement.
external image 220px-Mephistopheles2.jpg external image meph1_1024x1024.png?v=1446845961 external image 80140100949610L.jpg

Similarities: sharp and pointy features are very common when depicting creatures of the underworld. Though a little hard to see, the first picture depicts Mephistopheles as having talon like hands and sharp nails on his feet. The second and third pictures both depict mephistopheles as having horns with pointy ears and a mischievous smile.

Differences: The first and second picture show Mephistopheles with more humane features with a few characteristics that confirm he is not a mortal. If it weren’t for the sharp nails and wings, Mephistopheles would look like a normal person in the first picture. In the second picture, if you remove the horns and pointed ears, the statue would look more like a human. In the third picture however, Mephistopheles is shown with more demonic features and looks as far away from human as possible. I’d like to think that this image fits the best with the description Mephistopheles is given in the story to which Faustus regards as being really ugly. I also personally think the pictures differentiate from each other in terms of uneasiness. The first picture is easy to look at due to the fact that there isn't a closeup of the demon’s face. Although the second picture is a closeup of Mephistopheles, he doesn’t look as menacing but the longer I stare at this picture the more uneasy I feel. The third picture thoroughly freaks me out and I almost wish I hadn’t chosen it.

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Redcrosse Badge:

Ten codes of conduct:
  • Help those in need
  • Keep the faith
  • Resist all forms of temptation
  • Don’t back down from a challenge
  • Obey those in authority
  • Respect a woman’s honor
  • Protect the weak and feeble
  • Fight all things evil
  • Be a maiden’s companion
  • Be not the companion of an unvirtuous maiden

To the lovely Una,

I’m sorry to inform you but by the time you read this, the sun will have risen and I would no longer be there beside you. It indeed pains me as well as infuriates me to see you so readily give up your virtue to another man. I had thought you to be a pious woman but what I had bear witness to last night has led me to think otherwise. I cannot stand beside a woman with no morals. I shall pray in the hopes that God will have mercy on you and your lover.

Farewell to you,

The Redcrosse Knight

Screenshot (1).png
Picture I drew of Error the dragon

Poet Badge:

(Bad Poetry ahead)

Petrarchan Sonnet:
At writing poems I am no good
I pray this one’s not bad
This attempt makes me so sad
but I’ll try just as I should
Writing poems can be fun
though I didn’t know there were rules
this should be taught more in schools
and taught to everyone
This poem is really a mess
I am thoroughly scarred
Poetry is really hard
It gives me a lot of stress

Shakespearean Sonnet:
I sit all close and knit together
With friends I hold dear
keeping warm in this bad weather
signals the end of another year
I think of all I did and where I went
And where is wished to go
Times with friends well spent
Put to end because of snow
December brings the blistering cold
But brings the holiday cheer
Chocolates wrapped in pretty gold
Informs me christmas is near
The snow paints the world pure white
But not much to my delight

Poem #3

I am very hungry and i don’t know why
Ramen noodles should to the trick
Or perhaps some shepherd's pie
Since too much sodium makes me sick
Consume things healthy like apples and berries
Or give into the craving for wheat
The better choice would be fresh cherries
But now I really want meat
I could go for broccoli and beef
Maybe chicken and kale
My stomach growls with endless grief
As the food in my fridge have gone stale
Oh how awful is the plight
Of not having food in sight