Sir Thomas more:

Dear Henry where have you gone. Oh wait I know you’ve gone absolutely mad. You truly believe that the divorce of your wife and leaving the popes church is a good idea. Do you even see how selfish and foolish this seems? I know we are still friends but I cannot agree with your insane beliefs to over throw the church that put you in power. God willed our king of England and you now decide to go completely against these wishes. If you’re going to follow through with this and try to brainwash those around you I must insist that ill be leaving. The laws I have made to benefit you were not simply enough for your power hunger.

If I had found Mores Utopia I would argue that it very much has relevance in our present day. As he describes there is a major imbalance of wealth within the population. The idea that those who hold power and do not believe that the public can make decisions on its own is very pertinent and can easily be observed in countries like Russia or even the united state as the FCC repeals net neutrality placing a open space into a place controlled by very few elite. I believe his idea holds the same weight due to the fact that even today the idea of a Utopia is subjective and no place being the actual meaning fits well. It is a place that can only be defined through someone’s vision and impossible to please all at once.

This is what my Utopia would be.

Tyndale Badge:

Dear King Henry the 8th I write to you today in good faith that you will listen to my beliefs before I am to be prosecuted. I have translated our beloved holy book into the tongue that can be heard and recognized by all that worship our religion. This is to help spread the Christianity belief to far more people as it allows the readers to self digest and reflect on what this Christian belief truly is. This will give the people themselves the will to celebrate and spread the religion more easily. With this book we must educate and help not simply consolidate power. If you wish that this be my ultimate demise then I cannot fight you. You will take my life but you will be unable to destroy the legacy I will leave for good Christians to follow in their own path to spiritual freedom.

Tyndale defied those who celebrated the religion around him because he believed that they were not fairly teaching. These translators would stand and spew beliefs that could ultimately benefit themselves. The interpretations were seen to Tyndall as blasphemy or speaking of completely skewed and untrue event that would hinder the passing on of the religion and traditions. He sees this clear as day when he translates Lutheran versions which was condemned.

It amazes me that he used other languages know at the time to convert the text in a different depiction of what was seen in England at the time. He has nerves of steal to go against the church and king, which made him have to flee. All after taking the time to decrypt the historic text that he lives by he was killed. He devoted himself to the same religion but was labeled as a heretic for not following the same book that most other simply lived by.

This bible also had major influence on Henry VIII own choice of bible. This happened after Sir Tyndale was accused of heresy for his work after many years on the run. After almost 600 years today most of what you find in our English Bibles was taken from Tyndale’s translation. This meaning he had a profound impact on history not just in 1534 but also a legacy that many do not even realize.


Green knight 2/2
Quote and screen cap 1:
"if you are as courageous as everyone says, You will graciously grant me the game that i ask for by right" (272-274)

green knight1.jpg

Quote and screen cap 2:
"..Now the revelry and repute of the round table are over thrown with a word from one mans mouth, for you all cower in fear before a blow has been struck" (312-315)
green knight 2.png

Quote and screen cap 3:
"She sent me in this shape to your splendid hall to make trial of your pride and to judge the truth of the great reputation attached to the round table" (2456-2458)
green knight 3.png