Comments/Notes/Grammar Help

When you open up your assignment again, you should see a combination of the following. If you do not see both my comments (the first image below) and grammar notes (the second set of images), then you need to speak to me as you are not getting the benefit of all my comments.

My comments and notes will appear like this (hopefully, in this color). Despite the color, they should appear as text directly on your essay.

Notes on grammar should appear as one of these two (again, hopefully, in these colors). If you click on the box, it will give you some information about the particular grammar issue.
Note for Graphic Novel Assignment drafts: I have not marked every incident of repeating errors. If I have made one correction, assume that it applies throughout your essay.

Grading Form (on Final Draft)

When you go back in to your assignment after it has been graded, you will see, on the right or at the bottom, a form that looks something like this:
The points you see here are those assigned to each of these categories for the Graphic Novel assignment. Overall comments will appear in the boxes under the categories.